Photographs of FirstDay Cottages

A number of FirstDays have been built all over the country. Here are some pictures to help get a good feel for FirstDay.

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Completed Houses

Every finished FirstDay is a little different. Here are some pictures of completed homes to give you an idea of the variety of possibilities with a FirstDay Cottage.


FirstDay Cottage interiors are often finished with a lot of customized details done by the owner builders. Take a look at these pictures to get an idea of the different looks that are possible with a FirstDay Cottage.


Here you will find pictures of various FirstDay Cottages under construction. Each step of the construction is covered in depth in the FirstDay instruction book. The book is filled with directions, special details and helpful tips.

Special thanks to the FirstDay builders who sent in their pictures!

House Details

Here are some close-ups to let you see some of the details that make up a FirstDay Cottage.

Personal Touches

No two FirstDays are the same. Here are some of our favorite little details our customers have done to personalize their new homes.


FirstDay would be nothing without our customers who are willing to go out on a limb and build themselves a house. Here are some portraits and action shots of some of our customers with their FirstDay Cottages. Does this look like you?