The New FirstDay Cottage Design

After completing hundreds of homes and working with hundreds of customers, FirstDay Cottage is now focusing on what we believe to be the simplest and most practical home design you can buy: the single-story FirstDay Cottage T. While our classic designs (the Original, the Saltbox, and the Cape) are still available, we strongly advise our customers to look at the Single-Story T. These houses are smaller and easier to finish and enable great clever designs that can be added on to in the future. Give us a call and send us a sketch of your ideas and we will help you determine which design is best for you.

The Single-Story T FirstDay

  • Single story
  • Section widths 12’, 15’ or 18’
  • Full gable or shed roof
  • Section lengths 20’– 40’
  • 680 - 1,250 ft2

The Single-Story T is a design system that enables a host of different clever small designs. The system combines multiple 12’ wide, 15’ wide or 18’ wide sections that can be arranged in a T, an L, or even an H formation. From there you can spruce it up with a porch, a garden room or a cupola. We’ll help you determine the best design to fit your needs. Some of the advantages of this new design system include:

  1. There is no basement – the Single-Story T is best built on a radiantly heated slab. Some of our customers were finding that the cost of building the full basement could almost equal the cost of the kit. Besides not needing a full basement, the speed of construction and cost are also reduced because there is no first deck to build.
  2. There is no second story – instead the bedrooms are in a separate wing on the main floor. This eliminates the difficult construction of the second story and staircase, and significantly increases privacy for the bedrooms.
  3. The ceilings in the Single-Story T are cathedral ceilings. Let's remember that we do not measure a room by its plan. We measure a room by its volume. These are large, comfortable rooms.
  4. The T home system is easily expandable, so you can add on when you need more room.
For more information on the Single-Story T design and the evolution of FirstDay Cottage's owner-built designs, read our new Single-Story T brochure.

We are continually developing new designs for the Single-Story T homes, so contact us for more sample plans and ideas.

12' T Plan
15' T Plan
18' T Plan #1
18' T Plan #2

Classic FirstDay Cottage Designs

While we recommend the new Single Story T to our new customers, our classic FirstDay Cottage designs are still available. These include the Original 1 1/2 Story, the Saltbox, and the Cape. Read below for more details on these classic designs.

The Original 1 1/2 Story FirstDay

  • 16' Wide
  • 30', 33'4" or 40' Long
  • 1 1/2 Stories
  • 960 ft² - 1,280 ft²

The Original FirstDay Cottage is the first house design we introduced over 20 years ago. These houses are simple yet elegant. The basic house measures 16' wide and can vary in length from 30' to 40'.

People who want bigger houses will often build a basic house with a small addition. These additions can be built along with the Original house, or can be planned for a few years after the Original house is complete. This way, the focus is on getting the small house completed, and waiting to expand.

Another popular design is to put these houses on a slope with a walkout basement. With our innovative system of radiant heating in the basement and a few big windows, the basement becomes a very livable space. This allows expansion of the house without adding a lot of cost.

Original Plan #1
Original Plan #2
Original Plan #3
Original Plan #4

The Classic Saltbox

  • 26' Wide
  • 33'4" or 40' Long
  • 1 1/2 Stories
  • 1,400 ft² or 1,680 ft²

The Saltbox is one of our bigger and more popular classic designs. The Saltbox normally measures 26' x 33' 4" but can also be done in a 40' length.

The Saltbox is usually built on a slab with our radiant heating system. The radiant heat keeps the concrete warm under your feet, and many people dye the concrete floors for a nice, inexpensive effect. The Saltbox on a slab is about the same area and cost as an Original with a full basement but is composed of much more livable space. In addition, of our two-story designs the Saltbox gets some of the best cross ventilation.

Saltbox Plan #1
Saltbox Plan #2

The Classic Cape

  • 24' Wide
  • 33'4" or 40' Long
  • 1 1/2 Stories
  • 1,333 ft² - 1,600 ft²

The Cape is one of our bigger designs. The Cape normally measures 24' x 33' 4" but can also be done in a 40' length.

Many people like the Cape design because of its classic New England appeal. The Cape, like the Saltbox, is a bigger house and allows for more roomy designs. The drawback to the Cape is that it is slightly more difficult to build since it requires constructing supporting posts to hold up the second floor. Also, with no side windows upstairs, you can often end up with an upstairs bathroom with no window.

We usually encourage our customers to build this house on a radiant slab, but it can be built on a full basement as well.

Cape Plan #1
Cape Plan #2

Other FirstDay Designs

Mobile Home Replacements

  • 14' Wide x 40' Long
  • 1 1/2 stories
  • 1,120 ft²
  • Built on an existing mobile home slab

Our "Mobile Home Replacement" kit house has been created to replace a mobile home that is possibly on property that you have newly bought. It is designed to take advantage of an existing slab from a mobile home, possibly saving 10 to 20 thousand dollars in foundation costs alone. You could get additional savings by using existing water, electrical and sewer hookups and avoiding installing a driveway. In effect, with our Mobile Home Replacement kit house you can have a new home for under $60,000 on your new property. We are encouraged that one of our Mobile Home Replacement homes was one of our first homes to be supported by a federal government mortgage plan.

Mobile Home Replacement Plan

The Garage

  • 22' Wide x 30' Long
  • 660 ft²
  • 16' Door Opening

The basic FirstDay Garage is a two car garage which measures 22' x 30'. This is enough room to fit up to four small cars, or keep just two cars and have ample room for storage or a spacious workshop area. There is also a lot of room for additional overhead storage.

The FirstDay Garage is more expensive than typical garage kits, but also bigger and more elegant. The Garage has a spacious cathedral ceiling and the same durable and attractive interior finish as our houses. Ding it, scratch it and put nails through it - the interior will only look better with age. Cut some extra 2x8 stock to place between the posts, and you can easily cover the entire interior with convenient 8" shelving.

The FirstDay Garage can be packaged with some of our smaller FirstDay Cottages in one shipment.

A FirstDay Garage in Wisconsin.

Another view of the newly finished Garage.

A standard Garage frame in New Hampshire.